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New Swimming Pool Laws Going into Effect

As we have previously reported, SB 442 (Newman – D) was voted and signed into law this year updating the Swimming Pool Safety Act in California. This bill increases the number of safety or anti-drowning features required on new or remodeled residential swimming pools from one to two, and alsoRead the Rest…

Santa Monica Ordinance Bad for Pools & Spas

CPSA has scored a couple important victories recently relative to California’s ongoing development of additional water use restrictions as a reaction to the state’s historic five year drought. The association was successful in convincing the City of Lathrop to remove a ban on filling new and existing swimming pools andRead the Rest…

MWELO Updates Still Ongoing

I spent 8 hours last week in a PG&E sponsored seminar on the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO), a topic I have written about and confused people with over the last couple years. I will keep trying to make MWELO more understandable, but I am not sure how successfulRead the Rest…

Court Ruling Denies Coverage for Subcontractor Negligence

A recent court ruling by a Federal District Court in Georgia has found that the insurance policy of a general contractor does not cover damage caused by the negligence of their subcontractor. The dispute arose when a swimming pool contractor filed a claim over the costs of damage they allegedRead the Rest…

Labor Contracting Bill Becomes Law

Aiming to reduce workplace labor violations, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation this past week that could potentially impose liability on businesses who utilize subcontractors.  Under Democratic Assembly Member Roger Hernandez’s AB 1897, California employers will now share joint liability for wage, hour and work condition violations with any contracting group theyRead the Rest…

Homeowners in Placer County Urged to Properly Maintain Pools to Save Water

(This article is reprinted from Rocklin and Roseville Today) AUBURN, Calif. – As critical drought conditions continue, Placer County Water Agency and the state’s pool association are urging homeowners to properly maintain their pools, which will greatly reduce the amount of water used. California Pool and Spa Association members andRead the Rest…