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CPSA Reaches Drought Crisis Fund Goal

The California Pool and Spa Association (CPSA) is pleased to report that it has met the goal set in January to raise $200,000 for the Drought Crisis Fund.  “Once again the swimming pool and spa industry has stepped up and demonstrated the ability to respond to a crisis,” said Mike Geremia, President of Geremia Pools in Sacramento.  “The money raised by this effort allowed CPSA to get out in front of the drought issue and educated policymakers on the real facts about water use by pools and spas.”

The CPSA would like to give special acknowledgement and commend those who stepped forward to defend the industry.  It was the hard-work and dedication led by a variety of passionate professionals who propelled this success by contacting affiliates and others in the industry to encourage action, resulting in a financial contribution towards protecting the pool and spa trade.  A special thanks goes to IPSSA who was the very first organization that stepped forward to provide the initial $15,000 contribution to the Drought Crisis Fund and to challenge others in the industry to do the same.  In the end, all segments of the business – manufacturers, distributors, builders, subcontractors and service providers worked collaboratively towards the common goal of protecting the future of the pool and spa industry in this state.  The funds raised by this effort allowed for the CPSA to hire a professional public relations and issue-management company to assist the association with this crisis. It also resulted in the creation of door hangers, water fact sheets, bill stuffers, speaker kits, and other materials that equip pool, spa, and hot tub representatives with the resources necessary to interact with local water agencies and defend unwarranted restrictions.

As set forth in the recent report on activities of the Drought Crisis Fund, the CPSA and its “Let’s Pool Together” campaign is now considered one of the key partners to the state’s “Save Our Water” campaign, a statewide effort spearheaded by the California Department of Water Resources and the Association of Californian Water Agencies.  This has put the swimming pool and spa industry in a proactive position of educating key water districts and public leaders on the real facts about water use by swimming pools and spas.  In addition, the CPSA has sent letters and drought materials produced by the Association to all of the some 600 water agencies across the state detailing how pools allow homeowners to save water.  The CPSA is also in discussions with several independent water districts as well as the California Public Utilities Commission to provide these agencies with information and data designed to address proposed water use restrictions on the industry.  CPSA has learned from previous meetings with water agencies during discussions on potential restrictions that these districts are often under pressure to take immediate action without sufficient time or access to facts and stakeholders.

“We are certainly pleased that the association has had the success in raising the funds necessary to implement our statewide information and education campaign,” stated John Norwood, President of CPSA.   “However, we are just going into the hot summer months and a lot more needs to be done as pressure builds on the use of precious water resources.  The CPSA urgently needs to expand its membership beyond the 5% of the industry that is current carrying the load.”

The CPSA is encouraging everyone in the pool and spa industry to consider joining the Association and the efforts of hundreds of other pool, spa, and hot tub professionals who build an even stronger voice for the industry.  By joining, your membership will help protect the industry from unwarranted new laws and regulations; your business will also be listed on the new CPSA business directory which steers consumers to CPSA member businesses who are within reasonable range of their zip code.  As a member, you will also receive email alerts regarding legislative proposals, recent pool and spa industry news, and regulatory affairs that can impact your business.  You will also retain access to drought pertinent resources that will allow you to protect your business at the local level.  The collective action by pool, spa and hot tub professionals will have a profound impact on the industry.