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CPSA Joins the Pool Safely Campaign

Summer is an exciting time of year for everyone, especially for those who are lucky enough to own a pool or spa. Now that the long, harsh winter months are finally over it’s time to get that pool cleaned up and jump in as temperatures are starting to soar. We’re all looking forward to our first hot weekend spent having fun in the pool, but along with party planning and finding the right swimsuit there is one issue that is more important by far but often overlooked by busy pool owners – water safety. Even though it may not be as fun as buying new swimming accessories or jumping into your pool for the first time, proper water safety procedures and considerations are what will allow you to enjoy your swimming season to the fullest without any potential, deadly disasters.

Drowning, especially the drowning of young children, is a tragedy that occurs far too often. And what is even worse is that many of these deaths are preventable with a few proven steps that can drastically decrease the danger involved with being in the water. These steps are important for everyone to know and follow carefully even when no one is actively using the pool as all it takes is a few short minutes after someone falls in the water for a drowning to happen. Things such as proper fencing around pool areas, adequate swimming lessons for children and adults of all ages, and having a designated water watcher at all times are all ways that drowning and water related injuries can be prevented.

In order to spread awareness of this issue and make sure that as many people as possible are educated on the realities of water safety, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has created the Pool Safely Campaign. This campaign promotes the fact that “Simple Steps Save Lives” and reaches out to both pool owners and those in the pool and spa industry to teach them how to be as safe as possible in the water.

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This includes lessons on how to craft safety plans, resources such as downloadable information and videos, and partnering with a wide variety of companies and organizations to spread the word. They are also running a campaign for both children and adults to pledge to commit themselves to water safety for the summer, a step that the California Pool and Spa Association has already taken and one that we encourage each and every one of our members to take as well. Pledging only takes a minute, and it is an important promise to take care of yourself and your loved ones this summer and beyond.

We are happy to be working with the Pool Safely Campaign on this issue that is so important to everyone in our industry. This includes working to spread the message about pool safety awareness and promoting safe swimming practices by providing information for our members to share with their customers. We want every single one of our members to fully understand the importance of safe swimming for their clients, and this campaign by Pool Safely is the perfect opportunity for us to share that information. To do so we will be providing and linking to the campaign’s materials that are relevant to our members and their customers, sharing tips and info through our website and social media outlets, and pledging to keep the campaign going through the summer and beyond.

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We urge all of our members to take the pledge to pool safely this summer, and to encourage your customers to do the same. Just a few simple steps can make the difference when it comes to saving a life.