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Government Relations

The Importance of CPSA’s Government Relations


The California pool and spa industry is exposed to legislation and regulatory initiatives on so many fronts it is nearly impossible to monitor. Many of these proposals have the potential to threaten the economic life blood of the industry and/or impose unnecessary costs on key segments of the industry. Issues relative to water and energy conservation, pool safety, chemical exposure, entrapment, accessibility and consumers are obvious areas of concern. However, issues such as wages, hours and working conditions, the attack on the use of independent contractors, service tax, transportation and new building standards are also problematic. There are a myriad of state and local agencies and special districts that can promulgate new regulations and ordinances given California’s overbearing regulatory environment, its 58 counties and 350 cities, each which can develop their own approach to the regulation of the pool and spa industry. For over 30 years, CPSA has been the only statewide association representing the pool and spa industry and has consistently been at the forefront of defending the industry from unwarranted new laws and regulations. Legislators and regulatory agencies have looked to and depended on CPSA for input relative to the issues of the day. As a result, CPSA has achieved an unparalleled record of success in addressing issues of legislative and regulatory concern and protected the California pool and spa industry from numerous threats and unwarranted initiatives. It is only with your membership and financial support that CPSA can continue to work on behalf of the industry to achieve a stronger, healthier, safer and profitable pool and spa industry in this great state.

CPSA CA Government Links

Governor of California

California State Assembly

California State Senate

Official Legislative Information Page

Contractors State License Board

California Department of Industrial Relations

California State Transportation Agency

California Department of Water Resources

California Department of Toxic Substances Control

California Energy Commission (Appliances, i.e. pool heaters, etc.)

Renewable Resources (i.e. renewable energy programs inc. solar)

California Environmental Protection Agency

California Building Standards Commission (Title 24 Codes)