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California Enacts Sweeping New Water Laws

Last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a pair of bills that will shape the way water is used and conserved in California for years, if not decades to come. These two bills, AB 1668 (Friedman, D-Glendale) and SB 606 (Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys) give new powers to the StateRead the Rest…

Snowpack Report Leads to Renewed Drought Worries

A new snowpack report from the Sierra Nevada’s this week brought grim news regarding the state of California’s largest source of water reserves, stoking fears that a resurgence of the drought might be right around the corner. As of January 30th, the Sierra Nevada snowpack was only at 30% ofRead the Rest…

Santa Monica Ordinance Bad for Pools & Spas

CPSA has scored a couple important victories recently relative to California’s ongoing development of additional water use restrictions as a reaction to the state’s historic five year drought. The association was successful in convincing the City of Lathrop to remove a ban on filling new and existing swimming pools andRead the Rest…

Water Issues Coming to a Head in California

While many have assumed that the end of California’s five-year-long drought last winter meant the end of the pool industry’s troubles, recent events have shown that this is not the case. Despite the fact that the California Pool and Spa Association worked to ensure that restrictions against using water forRead the Rest…

New Water Restrictions Mandated

The hopes that California had for a wet enough winter to end the persistent drought are all but gone, and the state is rapidly heading into its fourth dry year. A combination of record-high winter temperatures in 2014, low rainfall, and high demand has created a dangerous situation for aRead the Rest…

Upcoming Pool Industry Drought Seminar

As the drought in California marches on into a fourth year, the state must face the ever-growing possibility of further water restrictions and regulations. While there was hope in the beginning of the winter season that a series of rain storms would help ease the drought conditions, those storms haveRead the Rest…

CPSA Newsletter – March

 This newsletter is also available to read and download as a PDF.

California’s Water Savings Increase as Drought Continues

At the start of its fourth year of extreme drought, California has received a small piece of good news amidst all the worry about rapidly draining water supplies. After repeated calls from officials, state agencies, and water groups for the state to reduce its water consumption, it appears that theRead the Rest…

New Drought Poll Reveals State’s Water Concerns

A new poll released on Tuesday shows how serious the drought situation in California is becoming. The Field Poll reported that almost all respondents believe that the state is in the midst of a water shortage, with two thirds of respondents saying that the drought has become “extremely serious”. TheseRead the Rest…