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Challenges Keep Coming

Challenges to the swimming pool, spa and hot tub industry just keep coming. The last two years were dominated by the drought and fighting off state and local restrictions on the use of public water to fill and refill swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. But just when we startedRead the Rest…

CPSA Newsletter – November

The November edition of the CPSA newsletter gives a recap for our members of the year’s legislative issues affecting the industry, gives an important recall notice, and alerts contractors to a recent change in coverage regarding work with subcontractors. This newsletter is also available to read and download as aRead the Rest…

Labor Contracting Bill Becomes Law

Aiming to reduce workplace labor violations, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation this past week that could potentially impose liability on businesses who utilize subcontractors.  Under Democratic Assembly Member Roger Hernandez’s AB 1897, California employers will now share joint liability for wage, hour and work condition violations with any contracting group theyRead the Rest…

CPSA Newsletter – June 2014

The June edition of the CPSA newsletter is here! Please enjoy this preview version below, and make sure to read or download the version that is available as a PDF.

SPEC is Achieving Early Success This Legislative Session

With the legislative session well under way; SPEC has already seen a number of successes.  In both the Assembly and the Senate, bills keyed “fiscal” have to be out of their policy committees by Friday May 3rd.  Non-fiscal bills have to be out of their policy committee by May 10th. Read the Rest…