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As we have previously reported, SB 442 (Newman – D) was voted and signed into law this year updating the Swimming Pool Safety Act in California. This bill increases the number of safety or anti-drowning features required on new or remodeled residential swimming pools from one to two, and also extends that standard throughout the state. The CPSA supported this bill as a common-sense and economical measure to prevent childhood drownings, as well as a way to ensure that the safety requirements on new pools are consistent and clearly understood in every city in California.

This bill makes the following changes to the Swimming Pool Safety Act:

  • Increases the minimum number of specified drowning prevention safety features required for a swimming pool or spa at a private single-family home when a building permit is issued for the new construction or remodel of the swimming pool or spa.
  • Revises the characteristics of some of those safety features.
  • Repeals a previous exemption to the requirements of the act for political subdivisions that adopt ordinances for swimming pools as specified.

The law goes into effect on January 1st, 2018, and the California Building Standards Code have been updated to reflect the necessary changes. Among changes to other sections of law, this bill amends the Swimming Pool Safety Act (HS Code, §§ 115920 – 115929.)—the text of which CBSC is required to publish within the California Residential Code (Cal. Code Regs., Title 24, Part 2.5) pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 18942, subdivision (b).