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As part of CPSA’s ongoing efforts on the pool pump rebate program the Association had another call
today with SCE. The purpose of the call was to follow up the response letter CPSA sent to Edison when
the utility turned down the Industry’s initial offer to restore the pool pump rebate program for the
entire industry, including service companies.

SCE has agreed to restore the rebate program for pool professionals in line with the CPSA proposal which provides for a mid-stream rebate administered through distributors.

SCE indicated it is a top priority for the utility to get this program implemented and their aim is to have it
in place by June 1st or sooner. There is much work to do to finalize a model contract for distributors and
the parameters were discussed and documents are being exchanged as of this writing.

As Winston Churchill said, “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give up,” and that is the approach CPSA took on
dealing with this very important issue and it’s the approach the association takes as it represents and
defends all segments of the swimming pool and spa industry in California. Over the last several weeks,
CPSA has enlisted the help of regulators, legislators and lawyers to help get to this historic result. We will
publish more details as they develop.

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