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Jerry Wallace, chairman of CPSA, announced at the annual Western Pool and Spa Show new affiliation agreements with pool industry partners designed to consolidate support for the association.

The National Swimming Pool Foundation, the Western Pool and Spa Show, the Foundation for Pool and Spa Industry Education, and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals have all finalized affiliation agreements with CPSA, and the association is close to finalizing an agreement with the International Pool and Spa Service Association. Each of these agreements are based on providing mutual benefits to each organization, but also work to consolidate CPSA as the lead organization in California for state and local legislative and regulatory affairs, as well as managing issue specific public relations for the swimming pool, spa and hot tub industry.

CPSA’s goal for 2016 is to substantially expand its membership in order to provide a stable budget for the association to support the activities necessary to represent the industry and continue the many successes achieved over the last two years. “Each of the affiliation agreements help CPSA financially but also puts CPSA in a position to add membership value through services provided by associated organizations,” said Wallace. “Also, these affiliations will help CPSA build a grassroots political system necessary for the association to respond to legislative and regulatory challenges that continue to face the industry in California.”

“The swimming pool, spa and hot tub industry is much stronger working together than each organization trying to respond to challenges individually,” commented John Norwood, executive director of CPSA. “The goal has always been to bring the industry together as partners. With the recent changes in the association’s bylaws CPSA is truly a member run organization that will work hard to reflect the needs and goals of all segments of the swimming pool, spa and hot tub industry.”