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California Pool & Spa Association wins another one! Our legislative efforts are working hard for you!

On Monday this week, the City of Ojai in California provided notice of an agenda item to be considered for approval Tuesday evening instituting a moratorium of the construction of new swimming pools. This emergency ordinance would prohibit certain commercial development projects that use an increasing amount of water, and also a prohibition on issuing building permits for swimming pools. Because cities generally only have a 24-hour notice requirement of agenda items, CPSA received the notice at approximately 3:15 pm on Monday afternoon. By the close of day, CPSA prepared detailed remarks in opposition to the proposed emergency ordinance, called Ojai’s City Manager, and express mailed our materials to the Mayor, City Council Members, and the City Manager. Tuesday morning, we followed up and sent the same materials via email to each City Council Member via directions from the City Manager’s office.

Last night the City Council agreed unanimously NOT to enact the ordinance and, instead, referred the matter back to staff to look at recommending other general water saving recommendations for the entire community. There were several comments about swimming pools quoting directly from our material that was very positive. Not so positive about lawns. Given the fire situation in California and that region, in particular, the Mayor specifically commented about swimming pools being an asset to assist in firefighting. There were also several comments about requiring new and existing swimming pools and spas to use covers when not in use in order to conserve water. Lastly, the City Council Members seemed very hesitant to adversely affect the livelihood of local businesses by shutting down those that have built swimming pools and spas in their community for decades.

This is another example of the benefits of proactive government affairs. Without CPSA’s efforts, this unwarranted ordinance would have most likely passed. The drought is still very real in California, as is the government’s attempt to control and limit water usage which is the lifeblood of the swimming pool and spa industry. This is why it is so important for CPSA to have the ability and the support of the industry to defend against unwarranted laws and regulations which can adversely affect the future of the industry in the largest swimming pool and spa market in the world. Become a CPSA member now!

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