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Dear Friend of the California Pool & Spa Association,

The attached press release announces an exciting new chapter in the evolution of the California Pool & Spa Association (CPSA), the expansion of CPSA’s geographic focus and the combining of CPSA with the National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®).

In 2014, when the California drought required focus on the urgent need for water conservation and the preservation of swimming pool and spa activity, the SPEC Board of Directors took leadership. They expanded their vision and mission to establish CPSA as a full-fledged association, including government relations. Today’s announcement reinforces the desire of CPSA to provide greater value to members.

CPSA knows that your business enables families in our communities to live healthier lives, and we have always sought to protect your business and to ensure its ongoing sustainability and profitability. Together with you we have achieved this by ensuring that only reasonable laws and codes have been adopted in Sacramento and in offices around the state. We believe that combining with NSPF only accelerates our effort to better serve and protect you and your business.

The combination of CPSA and NSPF expands our reach to leverage the resources of the greater western U.S., and, ultimately, the entire NSPF Family, including all NSPF and Genesis educational programs. To reflect that expanded focus, on January 1, 2018, we will change our name from the California Pool & Spa Association to The Pool, Spa, & Aquatics Alliance (The Alliance).

We will maintain our strong government relations in California. California is the largest pool market in the world, with over one million inground pools. John Norwood is contracted as the National Government Affairs Director. While his team remains intact and focused on California legislative affairs, his new role will allow expansion of government affairs to other states and regions.

The CPSA Board of Directors remains largely intact, with the addition of NSPF representation to ensure our organizations are working in parallel.

The principles guiding the combination of NSPF and CPSA are as follows:

  1. 1) Do no harm to either organization
  2. 2) Bring the family together
  3. 3) Prepare to have a growing impact in 2018 and beyond

Coming together helps us better promote, protect, partner and grow professionally. We are excited about our future together with the NSPF family, creating a unified organization with vision, high ethical standards, relational values, and fiscal responsibility.


Jerry Wallace

Chairman of the Board, CPSA


Important Correction: Please note that while the CPSA will be joining with NSPF to create the Pool, Spa & Aquatics Alliance effective January 1, 2018, the California Pool & Spa Association will continue to operate under its current name and mission in California. Our goals in California remain unchanged, and we look forward to our expanded capabilities and resources in the future.