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As the drought in California marches on into a fourth year, the state must face the ever-growing possibility of further water restrictions and regulations. While there was hope in the beginning of the winter season that a series of rain storms would help ease the drought conditions, those storms have not been frequent enough to put much of a dent in the dry conditions at all. This leave many who depend on water for their livelihoods wondering what will happen this summer, a scary and unstable position for anyone who is worried about their future.

The California Pool and Spa Association worked diligently last year to make sure that the pool and spa industry was not negatively impacted by unnecessary restrictions on water usage, and that is a promise that we intend to keep this year as well. Part of that commitment involves working with water districts throughout the state who have proposed or enacted regulations on pools and spas, but another facet of our work involves educating our members and the rest of the industry on what they can do to help and to protect themselves. A large part of ensuring that the industry is not negatively impacted by this drought is a proactive stance by all those who are impacted, and we pride ourselves on empowering our members to do so.

To that end, the CPSA is helping to put together an informational drought seminar on what it means for the pool and spa industry. This meeting is for all those in the Sacramento region who are concerned with the drought and how it might affect them, and it will feature talks from several features guests who are experts in the field. The President of the CPSA John Norwood will be present to discuss the association’s work last year. Mike Geremia of Geremia Pools and Keith Harbeck of Premier Pools & Spas who both are respected industry leaders and active members of the CPSA will be available to talk about how the drought has affected each of them and the steps they have taken. And finally a representative of the Placer County Water Agency, a water district that the CPSA has successfully worked with in the past, will be there to discuss the regulatory side of things and what water districts are doing to survive the drought.

We hope everyone who has questions or concerns about the drought will be able to attend this meeting. More attendees will allow for greater discussion and collaboration, two crucial tools for the industry to come together and tackle this enormous problem. The meeting will be free to attend for all members of the CPSA as well as members of APSP; those who are not members are welcome as well, and there will be a $10 entrance fee that can be applied to a future membership. The seminar will be held at the Foundation for Pool and Spa Industry Education located at 598 Display Way in Sacramento at 6:30 PM on March 24th. We look forward to seeing you there.

March 24 Drought Seminar Flyer