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OCTOBER 3-5: Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp

Sheraton Gateway Hotel LAX

Members Receive a 50% Discount

CPSA interviewed Craig in May and the audio recording is available by logging into the CPSA website. 

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In Craig Duswalt’s RockStar Marketing BootCamp, you are guaranteed to learn, and have a good time — as long as you’re open to it! Among other things, entrepreneurs and small business owners will learn:

  • Techniques and tips to own a more Empowering Mindset!
  • How to create an effective brand so you get noticed both online & offline!
  • How to use other people’s databases to promote your products and services!
  • Learn to write copy remembering the 5 Magic Words, “What’s in it for me?”
  • Create a simple, yet effective direct mail campaign!
  • How to become known as THE EXPERT in your field so people COME TO YOU to do business!
SEPTEMBER 19: Pool Industry Expo

Pool Industry Expo, September 19, 1:00-3:00pm

Monterey Convention Center

CPSA will announce a special member offer at the PIE Show seminar

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In partnership with a credit solutions company, we will present:

Funding and Protecting Your Business: The reason most businesses fail in the first 5 years of business is lack of financing. Simply put – they run out of money. That could result from not having the money to fund necessary parts of the business or fines/lawsuits for not following employment laws in the state of CA. In this session, we will update you on 2019 Employment Law changes in CA and introduce how to establish a business line of credit. If you have no idea how to get credit established for your business, this seminar is for you. And, business credit does not have to report to your personal credit. Most entrepreneurs start their small business using their life savings, personal loans, or their own personal credit cards. What if you could build your business without using your personal credit? 

AUGUST 19-23: Foundation for Pool & Spa Industry Education

Sacramento, CA

Members Receive a 50% Discount

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The California Pool & Spa Association (CPSA) and the Foundation for Pool & Spa Industry Education (FPSIE) are committed to career path workforce development. We know that more and more young adults graduating from high school choose not to attend college and are looking for their next path in life. We also know that transitioning from active duty to civilian life for those that have served our country can be difficult. CPSA and FPSIE want to be a part of the journey and success for both.

In the course, you will learn:

Pool and hot tub operation and maintenance
Installation and repair
Electrical and hydraulics
On-the-job training
Employment leads & recommendations on next steps in the career path

APRIL 18: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Thursday, April 18 6:00-8:30pm

Location: FPSIE 598 Display Way Sacramento, CA 95838

GET COMPLIANT with CA Labor Laws by attending this event hosted by FPSIE and CPSA. Employers with 5+ employees are required to provide sexual harassment prevention training for all staff. Record of completion provided. Renew every 2 years. Refreshments included. $25 members, $50 non-members

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MARCH 28: Introduction to Cost Estimating

Thursday, March 28
3:00-4:00pm Pacific
Dave Peterson, P.E., SWD Master

Free to CPSA members, $9.95 for non-members

Geared toward pool builders & those doing renovations, understand the basics of cost estimating to ensure your long-term financial success.

Of all industries, construction has the lowest success rate with only 36.4% of companies ever reaching their fifth year of business. There are three primary reasons why:

1. Cash flow
2. Rapid expansion (not turning down jobs when they should)
3. Low profit margins (because of a failure to understand margins, markup, break-even, and estimating)

This program touches on the basics of cost estimating and guides attendees toward improvements they should make to ensure their long-term financial success.

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Education and Training to Enhance Professionalism

The California Pool and Spa Association provides opportunities for its members to enhance professionalism through education. CPSA believes that its members should continue to enhance themselves professionally through continuing opportunities for education. Membership with CPSA provides state-wide access to these opportunities.

A Wide Network of Opportunity

Members have access to online and in-person training to strengthen their professional standing and relationships with consumers through better industry skills. CPSA’s wide state network gives its members access to industry manufacturers, distributors, industry associates and business owners, retailers, and more. This united network allows for an open forum for exchange of ideas and swimming pool and spa industry insight. Online forums, educational opportunity links, and access to trade shows, associations, and more provide you endless opportunities to expand your professional education.

Swimming Pool and Spa Industry-Related Topics

Members have the opportunity to find classes and training of interest on topics ranging from business management, proper pool maintenance with Ionization, and advanced water chemistry to transporting hazardous materials and more. The California Pool & Spa Association stresses continuing education, creating professional growth in the industry.

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