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As the weeklong Legislative Spring Recess comes to an end, we prepare for the return to session and the
many deadlines that lie ahead. On April 22, the Legislature reconvenes their work facing a deadline on
April 26 for policy committees to hear bills that have a fiscal impact on the state and pass them to the
respective fiscal committee, Senate bills to Senate Appropriations Committee and Assembly bills to
Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Moving into May, each week there are major legislative deadlines. May 3 is the last day for policy
committees to meet and send to the floor any remaining nonfiscal bills introduced in their house. May
10 is the last day for policy committees to meet prior to June 3, to allow legislators to shift focus to fiscal
and budgetary processes. The week of May 28-May 31 is reserved for floor session only; no committees
may meet for any purpose except for Rules Committees, bills referred to a committee as a result of a
substantial amendment, and Conference Committees to negotiate and align details on the state budget.
May 31 is the last day for each house to pass bills introduced in that house, otherwise known as the
“house of origin” deadline.

There are two legislative deadlines to be aware of in June. On June 3, committee meetings may resume
and will begin hearing bills sent over from the other house. Then, on June 15, the Legislature must pass
the Budget Bill by midnight, which is required by the California Constitution.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated through it all.

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