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With Governor Gavin Newsom signing an Executive Order last week making a COVID-19 illness a rebuttable presumption as a workers’ compensation injury, CPSA would like to assist the industry in California by providing recommendations based on insurance company protocols on how to protect your business from worker’s compensation claims.

By implementing the recommended program, you are more likely to avoid a worker’s compensation claim. We understand that you must decide on the policies and procedures that make sense for your business.

If you choose to implement such a program, it needs to be proactive and must include training, supervision, and steps such as monitoring the temperature of employees each day in order for the employer to be in the best position of avoiding a workers’ compensation claim. This will not be easy, but it is the only real defense any employer has to a workers’ compensation claim that could run into the hundreds of dollars if an employee contracts COVID-19 which results in an extended hospital stay.

As always, refer to an employment lawyer if you have specific questions regarding such a program. If you need a recommendation, please email info@thecpsa.org as we are happy to provide a recommendation on legal counsel.

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A Social Distancing Protocol can be applied to your business as well. A copy of the company’s protocol must be provided to each employee and businesses must make sure all employees understand it.

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