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A stunning residential pool & spa design gallery serves as the ultimate retreat, providing a serene haven to escape the demands of everyday life and unwind with loved ones. Since 1975, The California Pool & Spa Atelier & Sons Pools & Spas has been dedicated to helping South Florida homeowners transform their outdoor spaces into tranquil paradises. As an award-winning company, we specialize in crafting and constructing residential pools and spas that exemplify the highest standards of excellence.

Customized Residential Pool & Spa Design

Our extensive product range offers an array of luxury pools and spas, all of which can be tailored to your unique preferences.

1. Classic and Straight Line Pool Designs

These pools feature sleek, straight lines that bestow a timeless elegance upon any backyard. Beyond their captivating aesthetic appeal, their elongated design caters to those who relish swimming for both leisure and exercise.

3. Hot Tubs and Spas

Indulging in the soothing embrace of a hot tub or spa offers relaxation and rejuvenation in perfect harmony. Our diverse selection of design options ensures you can find one that seamlessly integrates with your backyard’s existing features and complements the overall ambiance of your property.

3. Infinity and Wet Edge Swimming Pools and Spas

Infinity pools, also known as wet edge pools, are filled to a level where they align with the surrounding concrete, creating the illusion of a vanishing edge that blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings. This captivating optical effect imparts the sensation of water extending infinitely into the horizon.

4.Lagoon and Freeform Style Pools

Freeform pools boast irregular shapes characterized by graceful curves and flowing lines. Lagoon-style pools enhance the freeform concept by incorporating elements like rocks and waterfalls, evoking the ambiance of a secluded island paradise.

5. Roman and Geometric Pool Designs

Roman-style inground swimming pools feature a rectangular base with semi-circular corners, eschewing conventional straight edges. Geometric pools, on the other hand, embrace unique shapes such as rectangles, ovals, or squares. Their sharp lines and precise edges impart an air of sophistication.

6. Custom Pool and Spa Features

Our accomplished team possesses the expertise to craft residential pools and spas with bespoke features that align with your vision. Examples include pergolas, lazy rivers, fountains, in-pool bars, and even tiki huts. Your dream is our blueprint; we conceptualize it, design it, and bring it to life.

Bring Your Dream Pool to Life

Many of our clients harbor distinct visions for their outdoor spaces and the specific elements they wish to incorporate. Our team of custom pool designers collaborates closely with you to transform your dreams into a tangible reality. Leveraging cutting-edge software, we capture your ideas and breathe life into them. With a relentless focus on our clients’ needs and meticulous attention to detail, we’ve successfully designed and built over 18,000 pools across South Florida.

Discover how luxury residential pools and spas can metamorphose your backyard and elevate your South Florida property. For further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with The California Pool & Spa Atelier & Sons Pools & Spas or give us a call to schedule a commitment-free consultation today.

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