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Guest Blog by Southern California Gas Company

Customers who purchase and install energy-efficient natural gas pool equipment may be eligible for rebates from SoCalGas! 

Manufacturer name, model number, and serial number are required. Applicants must have an active SoCalGas account and pools heated by natural gas. Multi-family properties with pools in common areas may be eligible for either the commercial or residential rebate depending on their gas rate, which can be found on their SoCalGas bill. 

Commercial Pools

  • Pool heaters with a thermal efficiency of at least 84% may receive $2/MBtuh
  • Pool covers with an R-value of .5 or more and a minimum five-year warranty may receive $1/sq ft

Other conditions apply. 

Applying for a rebate is easy because SoCalGas’ Trade Professional Program offers full rebate application support. We’ll work with your customer and you to determine eligibility and handle the paperwork for your convenience. 

Rebates are typically sent to the customer, but they may also be released to the contractor, on behalf of the customer, to help offset initial project costs. 

Commercial pool businesses that complete at least two equipment rebates or save 10,000 therms with SoCalGas are also invited to join the SoCalGas Trade Professional Directory, an online listing of vendors that are active in SoCalGas energy efficiency programs and can help expand your visibility with customers.  

Please contact Irene Nguyen at (714) 634-5078 or inguyen@socalgas.com to learn more.  

Residential Pools

Residential pool heaters of up to 500 MBtuh are eligible for $300 in rebates (with 84%-89% thermal efficiency) or $750 in rebates (with 90% thermal efficiency or more). The new pool heater must replace an existing natural gas pool heater in order to receive the rebate. 

Rebate applications are simple to fill out and are available here or at local pool equipment retailers. Qualifying pool heaters purchased at Leslie’s Pool Supplies stores in SoCalGas service territory will receive the rebate at the time of purchase.   

Please contact the SoCalGas Energy Information Center at (888) 431-2226 or visit www.socalgas.com/rebates to learn more.