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By Michelle Kavanaugh – Executive Director, California Pool & Spa Association

As the new Executive Director of the California Pool & Spa Association, I think about why a person would invest in a membership often.  After all, the focus for my position is to provide the right mixture of benefits and value to members, and to support the leading government relations’ efforts in California.  However, if I take Executive Director hat off for a minute, the question I continue to ask myself is, “What makes me want to be a member of an organization?”

Here are some of the reasons I have become a member of an organization in the past:

  1. Everyone else seems to be
  2. Seems like the right thing to do
  3. Being a member makes me more credible
  4. Their brand on my website helps market my business
  5. A chance to network with others
  6. Discounts on products or services

With limited membership dollars available, how do you decide which organizations to join?  You most likely make quick decisions based on similar reasons I listed. Or, maybe you just renew the same membership(s) you have always had.  Maybe it’s time we all look at what the organizations we join really have to offer so we can make the best buying decision to meet our needs. You should ask yourself, “what’s in it for me?”

The longer I stay in the pool and spa industry, the more I understand the value of relationships and resources.  I consider myself a “salesperson,” but I have never been the type of salesperson to shove products or services down people’s throats, ever.  I don’t sell cars, or time shares (yikes). I prefer to build relationships and provide the kind of value that makes the decision to use my product or service a no-brainer.

When you build a good network of resources, you have this valuable group of individuals, all with different knowledge levels, who can provide advice when you need it.  That is my hope for all members, and I want to help build this network through CPSA. I am very blessed to have built a great network over the years and I have been known to direct folks to products or services other than those I represent if that is a better fit for them.  It is all about the relationship!

It is not about fancy marketing campaigns or social media strategies any longer, at least in my opinion.  Yes, you still must engage on social media and be present but if a person feels no personal connection to your company, those things are not effective anyway.

As I use my own purchasing philosophies moving forward at CPSA, I want you to be assured that we will focus on, “what’s in it for you.”  We will continue to increase value in the membership by offering educational opportunities to help you with your business, by fighting legislation that could affect you in a negative way, and by being fiscally responsible with your membership dollars. Most importantly, we will build upon our engagement with you, our member, to provide the resources and networking that will truly help you grow and succeed.  

It is all about the relationship. We want you to feel like the hard-earned dollars you spend on a CPSA membership is worth it!  “May all members who enter, leave as friends.”

By becoming a member of CPSA, you join a team of equally minded folks who want nothing more than your success.  Join today!