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    The California Pool & Spa Association works for you in government and business.

    We do this by advocating for the industry, offering extensive training, and supporting growth initiatives in aquatics to help people live happier and healthier. Become a CPSA Member today, support our efforts to fight for you, and take your pool-care business to the next level of professionalism!

    Our Sponsors

    The support of our industry partners, along with that of our members, makes it possible for us to accomplish all that we do.

    Member Benefits:


    CPSA defends the industry against legislation that would negatively affect your business.

    CPSA Board endorses the adoption of the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC), a consistent national public pool code.

    CPSA advocates for legislation to have more funds directed to the pool industry, like the PHIT Act.

    CPSA supports Workforce Development initiatives in CA to help train future employees.


    CPSA endorses causes like the Step Into Swim campaign that increases aquatic facility usage and demand for backyard pools and spas.

    CPSA partners with family member, NSPF, to fund research that demonstrated that homes with a proficient swimmer are twice as likely to buy a pool or hot tub, join a facility, or vacation where there is water.

    CPSA positions its members in front of the consumer with marketing resources.


    CPSA helps you sustain your business with online and classroom opportunities through family members NSPF and Genesis

    CPSA informs you of any new laws or changes that could affect your business with monthly notifications

    CPSA helps support your business by launching a webinar series in 2019 (free to members) that expands on laws that could affect your business

    Become a member of CPSA today!

    We have many membership options to fit your needs, with many different levels that scale to the size of your business.

    Success Stories

    Pool Builders

    Pool builders, like Mike Geremia, President and CEO of Geremia Pools, join together to proactively support their industry through CPSA. Hear how CPSA protects pool builders by fighting against legislation and promoting new pool construction. CPSA needs pool builders to join today!

    Service Companies

    Jerry Wallace, President and CEO of Sacramento-based pool service company Swim Chem, believes in the value of CPSA. Seeing the association as a business insurance program, Wallace recognizes CPSA’s effort to protect the industry from over burdensome legislation. CPSA needs service companies to join today!

    Manufacturers / Distributors

    Meet Don White, the General Manger of SCP, SPP, and NPT, the world’s largest wholesale distributor of swimming pool tile. Industry manufacturers and distributors are committed to CPSA as it moves forward in industry protection. CPSA needs manufacturers to join today!

    Associations and Others

    Pool and Spa Industry Associations and Non Profits, like FPSIE, are teaming up with CPSA to provide professional educational opportunities for members. Don Aston, FPSIE’s Managing Director, discusses making a difference in the industry through knowledge. CPSA needs associations to join today!

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    The California Pool & Spa Association™ is a champion for industry growth and responsible advocacy in California and across the United States.

    Encouraging healthier and happier lives by increasing aquatic activity through education and research.

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