Financing Your Pool in Southern California

Are you considering building or renovating a swimming pool in Southern California, Redlands, Rialto, or other neighboring states? The prospect is undoubtedly exciting, but it can also be daunting. We understand that adding a new pool, expanding your outdoor living space, enhancing your landscaping, and incorporating additional amenities into your property can significantly boost its value. However, the initial cost can be a concern. That’s why The California Pool & Spa Atelier is here to help you with financing your pool.

We’ve partnered with trusted financing institutions to provide you with flexible financing options tailored to financing your pool. Our goal is to make your dream pool a reality, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of your investment while minimizing the financial burden.

Contact our Design Consultant or our office today for more information on our options for financing your pool.


What to Expect During The Construction Process

Embarking on your pool construction journey in Southern California is an exciting adventure. Below, we outline the key phases of our construction process, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what to expect:

Pre-Construction Site Meeting

Before any digging begins, our team conducts a thorough pre-construction site meeting. This meeting involves you, your dedicated design consultant, and a site supervisor. Together, we review the plans and inspect your property to ensure that the design aligns with your vision and that no modifications are required.

Digging the Pool

The first phase involves excavation, where we dig a hole slightly larger and deeper than your pool’s finished dimensions.

Forming & Steel Reinforcement

After excavation, we line the pool hole with steel rebar to provide structural strength and durability.

City Inspections

To ensure that everything complies with local building codes, an inspector reviews the plans and job site. After approval, we move on to the gunite phase.

Note: Approximately 25 days’ worth of inspections occur throughout the construction process.

Shell Installation / Gunite Phase

During this phase, we pneumatically apply the concrete that forms your pool’s shell and steps. If your design includes swim-outs, fountains, or a gunite spa, these elements are incorporated as well.

Strip & Backfill

Once the gunite is dry, we proceed to backfill around the pool walls and braces, ensuring stability and proper ground support.

Plumbing Installation & Inspection

If your pool design includes plumbing, our skilled crews install the necessary plumbing infrastructure and dig trenches to connect it to the pool equipment.

Patio Preparation

Before laying the decking, our construction team levels and compacts the sub-base, preparing the area for your patio.

Tile & Coping Installation

Our tile specialists expertly install your pool’s waterline tile and coping, adding both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Deck Installation

Our experienced crews shape and sand your deck and any planter areas. Following this, we apply your chosen rock or tile finish to complete the look.

Homeowner Responsibilities

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for specific tasks unless otherwise outlined in the contract. These include Sod, Landscape, Fencing, sprinkler systems, and alarms. These must be in place before final inspections.

Note: All fences must meet California building code, and gates must self-close and self-latch, opening to the outside. Gate latches must be 54″ high from the ground. Existing fences may need re-inspection.

Clean-Up & Final Inspection

During this phase, we remove any construction-related debris and complete the final yard grading, ensuring a pristine finish.

Electrical Equipment Hook-up & Inspection

Before electrical equipment hook-up, we’ll need your connectivity information and elevation survey. We install your pool pump, filter, and gas heater (if applicable), as well as run the conduit for the main electric supply, lighting, and necessary wiring.

Pool Plaster & Filling

We carefully prepare the concrete surface of your pool, apply the finish, and fill the pool with water. The pool is considered full when the water reaches the midpoint of the waterline tile.


Once filled, our fire-up crew activates the equipment and addresses acid demand. Temporary cloudiness may occur, which is normal during this process. We’ll notify you when your pool is ready for use after proper water balance is achieved.

Pool School

Our Service Department will contact you to schedule a pool orientation once your pool is balanced. This session addresses any questions you may have and ensures you’re fully equipped to enjoy your new pool and its equipment.

At The California Pool & Spa Atelier, we’re dedicated to making your pool construction experience in Southern California as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Contact us today to start your journey toward a stunning, functional, and value-enhancing addition to your property through our option to financing your pool.