Lazy River Pools in Southern California

Pool Construction With Lazy River

Recapture the serenity of lazy river rides from water parks, but this time, right in the comfort of your backyard. Transform your backyard into a mini water park with a residential lazy river, where a serene experience meets the convenience of home. Incorporate a quiet system, pool deck jets, a pergola, and enticing swim-up bars & sun shelves to create a versatile space. Your lazy river becomes a calming escape, a hub for exercise, or a lively play area for both kids and adults alike.

Imagine turning your backyard into a miniature water park!
With a quiet system, pool deck jets & bubblers, and swim-up bars & sun shelves, your lazy river can be a calming escape, a place for exercise, or a fun play area. It’s exciting for kids and a comfy area for grown-ups. With The California Pool & Spa Atelier, turn your dream of a backyard lazy river into a reality. 

Lazy river

Benefits of Backyard Lazy Rivers

Installing lazy river isn’t just about the fun; it’s about transforming your living space. Here’s why:

  • Kid’s Paradise: Kids can revel in their private river, making memories with friends and relishing the summer splash – all under the comforting watch of home.

  • Tranquil Escape for Adults: Imagine the tranquility after  a busy day, as you float and rejuvenate in your backyard oasis. It’s also the perfect setting for weekend get-togethers.

  • Visual Aesthetics: Apart from the joy it brings, a lazy river enhances the aesthetics of your backyard. With The California Pool & Spa Atelier’s expertise, your space can be an artistic marvel.

  • Property Attractiveness: In the warm climates of Southern California, a lazy river enhances your property’s appeal, making it highly recommended to potential buyers.

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