About The California Pool & Spa Atelier

The California Pool & Spa Atelier

Established in 2000, The California Pool & Spa Atelier set out with a singular mission: to craft the finest custom pools in Southern California.

To achieve this vision, we onboarded the industry’s most dedicated staff and pioneering designers. Upholding unparalleled excellence in every dimension of our work, our track record stands testament.

Dive deeper to explore our expert pool crafting journey and understand how our top-tier designs have positioned us as industry trailblazers for over four decades.

classic and straight line pool in Anaheim

Award-Winning Pool Building

At The California Pool & Spa Atelier, we’re deeply committed to setting the gold standard in every facet of pool design and construction.

This unwavering dedication has consistently seen us crowned as a “Top 50 Builder” by Pool and Spa News, standing out among over 10,000 competitors nationwide.

Yet, this accolade isn’t about being the largest — it’s about epitomizing the best. Our recognition stems from diverse strengths: active community engagement, a proficient team, notable industry participation, and solid revenue generation.

Yet, our true north remains the unmatched quality we deliver and the enduring satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

Pool Design From the Classic to the Contemporary

Looking for a tailor-made inground pool that perfectly complements your property? Trust the expertise of The California Pool & Spa Atelier.

We collaborate closely with you, meticulously integrating every detail and specification to craft a unique masterpiece. From timeless elegance to modern marvels, our custom pools stand out as the finest in Southern California.

Entrust your pool vision to our seasoned family of experts. Whether you are based in Alhambra, Baldwin Park, or anywhere near Southern California, reach out, and let’s bring your dream to life!

A Pool Designed and Built For You

Designing with us means joining our family. From inception to completion, our team is wholeheartedly committed to delivering impeccable customer service, leveraging our extensive experience, and turning your vision into reality.

As you indulge in the Southern California lifestyle, revel in the luxury of our nationally acclaimed custom pools and outdoor amenities.

Ready to dive into the experience? Reach out for a consultation. We’re here to welcome you into our family!

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