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Why should I join CPSA?

Every person whose livelihood depends on the pool and spa industry has a strong interest in helping to defend the industry from unwarranted new laws and regulation. CPSA shows up every day to monitor the activities of the California legislature and regulatory agencies and to responds on behalf of the industry to fight against bad laws and regulations that can cost time, money or make the industry uncompetitive.

Who does CPSA represent?

For almost 40 years CSPA has represented all segments of the California swimming pool and spa industry before the Legislature and California regulatory agencies. CPSA members consist of swimming pool and spa builders, service industry, manufacturers, chemical companies, distributors, retailers, sub-contractors and design professionals.

How much does CPSA membership cost?

Very little given the benefits you will receive. It is like an insurance policy, if everyone pays just a little, CPSA will be financially strong and able to defend the industry. An individual service person can join for $9.00 per month, $100 per year. Builders from $500; Subcontractors from $250; retailers from $250; manufacturers from $2,500. Others can make a contribution to support the association.

How will joining CPSA help my business?

CPSA will save you money, keep you informed about developments in the pool and spa industry, provide you networking opportunities and connect you with consumers in your area looking for a professional in your line of business. CPSA will save your business time and money from defeating unwarranted new laws and regulations. The new CPSA web site will connect you to both business to business and business to consumer opportunities. You will also receive regular communications that keep you informed about what is going on in your industry and you will become a part of a strong grassroots network designed to respond to legislative or regulatory development adverse to the industry.

I am already a member of APSP, IPPSA, UPA or other pool industry group. Why should I join CPSA?

CPSA is the ONLY pool and spa organization that is registered to lobby and is actively providing government relations and lobbying services on behalf of the California pool and spa industry. No other organization in California provides this critically important service. Without CPSA pool service providers would have to charge state sales tax to their customers, the ability to operate as an independent contractor would be restricted, there would be no water in drought situations to build new pools, worker safety laws would mandate uniform and safety requirements for pool maintenance personnel and there would be more unlicensed and noncompliant competitors. CPSA has worked on all these issues and many more for almost 40 years.

Are dues to CPSA deductible?

Yes, a portion of the dues paid to CPSA are deductible as a business expense. However, state and federal law do not allow the costs for lobbying to be deducted. Every years CPSA notifies it members of what portion of the annual dues are deductibles. For 2014, 60% of the dues are deductible as a business expense.

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